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Recently, we stopped in at the Spier Wine Farm tasting rooms for a unique and hearty Wintry pairing and could not have been more pleasantly surprised with the experience. 

Our line-up for the pairing that we got to enjoy:
1. 21 Gables Chenin Blanc paired with a lightly smoked pasture-reared chicken and coriander broth. 
2. Ideology Rhône-style blend paired with a slow-roasted mushroom and Gorgonzola soup. 
3. Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon, paired with a slow-cooked Springbok shank and barley soup.

My favourite pairing of the day: Ideology Rhône-style blend.

There truly is something special about sitting next to a cozy fire place and enjoying a pairing for two at one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa. I highly recommend it!



Recently, as I checked into Tau Game Lodge, it was hard not to notice the contrast of the luxury of this South African safari lodge with its wild African surroundings of Madikwe Game Reserve. It is also difficult to imagine that such a seemingly wild location (in Groot Marico), boasting the big five is only a short four hour’s drive from Johannesburg!


After a generous buffet lunch taking in views across the busy waterhole complete with some waterbuck enjoying their own herbivorous lunch, it was off to our room to get settled in, and it wasn’t long before we received our prompt reminder call to the room from Ranger, Damien Fourie to come through for our first evening game drive.


We climbed onto our open safari vehicle, complete with fluffy blankets and our own hot water bottles, and chatted happily to our Ranger whilst he carefully noted what each of us would like to spot during our stay at Tau, and then we were off on the first of many drives during this luxurious stay.


“The Place of the Lion” (which is how Tau got its name), certainly lives up to its reputation and on our very first evening’s game drive, we came across a regal pride of lions, enjoying a leisurely nap whilst their playful cubs toyed with each other in full view of our group. This was the first of many wildlife sightings during this stay, and I could not have been more excited about what we had the privilege of experiencing during our twice-daily drives which come as a standard offering during your stay at Tau.

To end off our drive each evening, leisurely sundowners (complete with typically South Africa snacks) were set up for us at different locations by our Ranger, enabling us to really appreciate typically African sunsets and the surroundings to their fullest. A little cold but exhilarated from our experience during the day, we would excitedly chatter our way home discussing white rhino sightings or an inquisitive baby elephant (who had tried to befriend our open safari vehicle) and then disembark from our chariot for dinner.  


When it came to food and our experience of meal times during our stay, the lodge arranged for completely different dining experiences from a traditional outdoor African Boma meal (complete with chairs and tables set up around the camp fire) to cosy, indoor meals complimented by beautifully presented dishes in the main dining room. I have found that what stood out for me during these meals was the attention to detail in each and every case as well as the sheer choice of beautifully presented dishes. Few African lodges offer a wide range of vegetarians options, but at Tau this inclusion seems to come standard and during meal times, we got the option of spending time with our Ranger, Damien Fourie, who patiently sat answering questions and providing valuable insight into what Tau is doing in terms of both their commitment to conservation and the ever-constant poacher issues. 


The next morning, I decided to take a leisurely stroll through the lodge gardens and make the most of their infinity pool, complete with a private game viewing lounge area overlooking the waterhole. Some elephants grazed noisily nearby whilst Ernest, (who runs the bar there) poured me a G&T, and I soaked in the surroundings and tranquillity of what had been my luxurious “home away from home” during our stay. Summer days can quite easily be spent soaking up some sun here with a leisurely visit to their spa oasis for a treatment or two. 


In true Tau style, on our last evening, we were treated to the overwhelming sound of a male lion's roar at our watering hole. Lions use several calls to communicate with each other from grunts to growls and each sound has a different meaning, but their roar has to be by far the most awe-inspiring, and falling asleep to it was like nothing else that I have ever experienced. 


In summary, Tau has something for everyone and it has been a privilege to share both my unforgettable experience here and the standard of service with a smile that we came to expect during our stay at Tau.




Recently, as we checked into Fish Eagle Cottage at Brahman Hills, it was hard not be influenced by the typically African countryside complete with views across the rolling hills of the Midlands. Right from the onset, I fell in love with the tranquil Blue Crane Nature Reserve and the fact that it allowed us to experience its abundant wildlife first hand.

So a bit about the cottages.. Each self-catering cottage has a secluded and private set-up, making it the ideal ‘home away from home’ complete with DSTV, a cosy fireplace, braai area and our very own outdoor Jacuzzi that we took full advantage of with evenings spent under the stars.

Once settled in, it was off to the hotel to enjoy an intimate and romantic dinner in their wine cellar “89 on Copper”. As we arrived, we were welcomed by our attentive waiter, Joshua who could not have been more helpful throughout the evening (despite us being tired from the travels) and with the experience of someone who is no stranger to the hospitality industry, he seemed to pre-empt our requirements. “89 on Copper” has something for everyone on its rustic menu from their fine dining plated courses for me to a generous cheese burger and fries for my partner.

Relaxed and with full tummies, we retreated to our room in peace to enjoy a bottle of bubbles in our private Jacuzzi under the stars.

Morning arrived before we knew it, and we were swept off to our private couple’s massage treatments, complete with a choice of champagne, coffee and chocolate options to die for. Whilst there, we even got a visit from some inquisitive Brahman cattle who needed a drink from the water feature located nearby.

Brahman Hills and Spa place emphasis on produce that is sourced ethically, biodegradable and with an ever-growing spotlight on the impact that we as human beings have on our environment, it is wonderful to see a hotel that transparently supports organic and local.

To sum our stay, Brahman Hills has it all… convenience, a stunning location surprisingly close to the N3 and a homely feel without scrimping on the unique luxury touches that truly make it world class. 


Radisson Blu has long held its reputation for iconic, stylish and sophisticated offerings worldwide, so it seemed well-suited to its location in the richest square mile in Africa and naturally I was excited recently on the rainy day that I headed up in the elevator to check in for my stay. 

Over the past few years for a special occasion or two, I have experienced their Vivace Restaurant dining, but this would be my first overnight visit, and it wasn't long before I was settled in my bathrobe and slippers, glass of wine in hand, taking in the beautiful view of Mushroom Park after the storm, from one of the Radisson Blu Superior Suites. Beautiful panoramic skyline views, a separate comfortable lounge area and a conveniently located bath tub that was impossible to resist for a pre-dinner soak. 

Then it was off to dinner, and we managed to get a window table with a front row view as all the offices and malls lit up like jewels in the African evening sky. I remember thinking, whilst seated enjoying my glass of Shiraz and Duck Noodle Salad, how difficult it is to remember that you are still in fact in Africa. We finished up the evening in style with a traditionally proudly South African dessert, the Malva Pudding complete with Amarula ice cream and headed up to sleep, relaxed and full. 

Morning arrived too soon for my liking, and the first thing that I did was slap on my robe and head into the lounge to take full advantage of our Nespresso coffee machine. Breakfast was conveniently offered indoors without having to venture out into the world which is an additional bonus. 

To sum up our stay at the Radisson Blu Sandton, with its prime location, whether your stay is for business or pleasure (and with some of the best shopping and restaurants in the city) less than five minutes away, it is easy to see what makes this particular hotel so popular. 


I had long heard recommendations and experiences from people who had frequented Granny Mouse, as well as its impressive showcase of awards that it has racked up over the years, so on my recent trip here, my expectations were high.

I arrived to check in, on a sunny summer afternoon to a hearty welcome by the reception staff and glass of bubbles to refresh me after the drive. Once that was done, it was time to get settled in.

As this would be my home away from home for the next few days, my curiosity got the better of me and I immediately started to explore all the nooks and crannies of this quirky and charming country house with its spa, fine dining restaurant, lush gardens, manicured river walks and mountain views. Granny Mouse was not built for exceptionally tall people (you will see what I mean when you visit), mind you, but it truly has a heritage and charm all of its own. They offer a range of accommodation options, but my favourite would have to be the Deluxe Suites, which afford you some of the most beautiful views of Lions River Valley, in complete comfort and I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the balcony taking in the tranquil surroundings, with our cozy fireplace nearby.

Dinner time soon arrived and, to my surprise, we were not seated in The Eaves for my birthday dinner but instead in what has to be one of the most ambient candlelit cellars that I have experienced to date. Rose petals led us down the steps of the wine cellar to our private candlelit table for two, and the evening began.. Course after course, started to seamlessly arrive down the cellar steps.

From their confit garlic mushroom with sundried tomato and thyme pesto, to get our mouths watering, to their spiced crusted beef fillet served in a red wine ox liver Ragu, our food journey was one not to be taken lightly. What an exceptional way to celebrate a special occasion or simply to just celebrate yourself, with expertly paired wines by Chef Wayland Green, generously sized portions and beautiful plating.

Full and content, I was ready to make use of my big tub and enjoy a much-needed soak by candlelight before bed, which is exactly what I did!

In the morning, still feeling slightly full from the feast the night before, it was time for some exercise and the River Walk below the property provides just that opportunity. With scenic spots to rest along the way, and the gurgling river a constant companion, it is difficult not to feel in awe at the beauty of the flora in full colour at this time of the year. I have not yet frequented the Midlands in the winter but this wild floral kingdom is surely something that must be experienced on any visit!

Feeling as if I’d earned my hearty breakfast, I wondered back up the hill refreshed and ready to take on the day. It wasn’t long before I had been assisted and had my coffee in hand. The breakfasts at Granny Mouse offer everything from a traditional fry up to your artisanal cheeses, breads and local cold meats.

The Granny Mouse team, whether it be for dinner, breakfast or just wandering around, never hesitate to give you a friendly grin and to check if there is something that they can assist you with, which was a nice added touch during the stay.  

 In summary, Granny Mouse provides a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the year and one, that in my opinion is perfect for any couple wanting a quick break or some added romance. I left, wondering when I could possibly return next..

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